Saturday, February 13, 2010

Secret Waterfalls

My favourite summer day was when I went with my mum and my family to our secret place called the WATERFALLS. It's our secret place because no one knows where it is. The waterfalls is the coldest place ever and the most fun place ever too. My aunty and my uncle chucked me into the water and I froze. I didn't move or talk, I just feel the coldness around me. I stayed in for a while and swam all around the place. We stayed until the afternoon before we got out, packed our stuff and went home. I love going to our secret place!


  1. Wow Emilee you've got a great story about the waterfalls keep up the great work.

  2. Hello Emilee your story about the waterfalls was awesome i wish i had a Secret Waterfall so i can swim in it anyway you did a excellent story and great for sharing it.

    sincerly Dinah

  3. hi Emilee you've done a wonderful story about your SECRET WATERFALLS it sounded really cool good JOB

    sincerly your bestest friend

  4. Kia Ora Emilee good story and excellent explaining you really did a awesome fine story great job!!!

  5. Hi Emilee what a cool story about the
    Secret WaterFalls....Keep up the storys.


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