Monday, September 27, 2010


This term we have been studying Mighty Mariners.I am learning about a viking who is named Eric the Red.
Eric the Red is a viking explorer,who was born in 950c Southern Norway and died in 1003 in Iceland.(Greenland)He was banished from Norway for three years because he killed 3-4 people.He has a son named Leif Erikson who was born in Iceland.(Greenland)
One of his challengers he faced was when he had to go back to Norway and tell someone that he found a new land and brought them back with him.Another one was that he had to choose to die or leave Norway.The very last was he had to take charge of his son.
Leif was born in about 970c and died in 1020.He had two brothers,Thorvald and Thorsteinn and a half sister Freydis.When he grew up he married a woman named Thorgunna and they had one son,Thorkell Leifsson.
Thank you for reading my story,I hoped you learnt something.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Favourite Fruit

Plums, mangoes and oranges are my favourite fruits. I like them because they taste delicious!

I like plums because they taste delicious and because they are sweet. Oranges are very tasty and juicey! Mangoes are very soft and yummy. The thing I don’t like mangoes are the seeds in the middle.

The fruit I don’t like are bananas. I don’t like bananas because have a nice taste. Bananas sometimes make me sick.

I wouldn’t want to be a fruit because I wouldn’t want to be eaten. The fruit that I really wouldn’t want to be is an apple.

Marco Polo 1254-1324

Marco Polo is a hero, an explorer. He traveled to China when he was 17! He traveled with his uncle a lot when he was a kid. Marco Polo has tones of family members and some friends.

As he was a child he traveled with his uncle a lot, because his uncle was a trader. After his mother gave birth to him she past away. Marco Polo lived with his aunty and uncle.

Marco Polo was born in 1254 and died in 1324. It was a sad moment for the people who loved him, and appreciated his research and discoveries when his journey ended in 1324.

Monday, September 20, 2010


At our fiafia we are doing music video.In our group called music video we are doing a song,the song is never say never by Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber.I think it is a kind of cool song(not really). It is quite a funny song. I did lots of work on it and it was fun. I hope you will enjoy it.


This year we have a Fiafia and we are going to make a music video.We have been drawing on the computers and making movies.Our subject that we are learning about is Justin Babier and Jaden Smith and our song is Never Say Never. I hope you all go and perform well on the stage see you there.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Culture Group, By Awhina.

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to our Fia Fia culture groups. I am in the Cook Island group. My tutors are Romona's sister, Aunty and her Dad. The Positive things I like about my group include the skill of my Tutors when they do Cook Island dancing. This makes them great teachers to learn from. Another awesome thing is the beat that Romona's Dad drums up, it makes me want to dance! It is exciting being on stage because everybody gets to see the result of all our practicing and hard work.

Let me take you back to when we started getting ready for our performance. Before we started practicing, I was lucky enough to see my tutors perform our Cook Island dance at my Uncle Raymond's hair-cutting festival. This was the dance they were planning on teaching us. We were all wearing a uniform green t-shirt with purple flowers on it. I was thrilled to be with the Cook Island Group for my fourth year!

For me, Cook Island practices are fun. However there are things I get frustrated about. I get annoyed when the boys muck around and laugh while we are trying to practice. We don't end up getting things done. The library is also a stuffy place to practice. By the time you have finished a hard dance, we are all hot and sweaty and the room starts to smell.

In saying this, there are many reasons why I joined this group for the fourth time. I enjoy learning more about my Cook Island culture, and by having to use my voice a lot I will become a better singer. Hanging out and laughing with my friends during practice is another thing that keeps me doing it. The costumes we wear very fun and colourful. We wear a blue lava lava, a yellow lay, a white t-shirt and a white flower in our hair to top it off.

I hope we do well at the School Performance Night, and I hope there are culture groups next year and the year after. I think everyone who isn't already in a Culture Group should join one, because it is a great way to learn about your culture and have a fun time.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Acrosstic poem Cross Country

Cross country is a lot of hard work.
Running is fun and good excise.
Once I came fifth in the cross country run.
Some times I say to my self in cross country you can do it!
Saying to my self come on Jarna, don’t give up.

Coming close to the finish line over taking two more people, I made it.
On the starting line anxiously waiting for the clap, ‘BANG!’
Under a lot of pressure at the end of the race trying to win.
Nothing stopping me from coming near the front.
Trying to bet the people in front of you, it’s so hard.
Running as fast as you can to get to the finish line no one stopping you.
You can do it, nothing is holding you back from coming first.

My Teacher Mr Barks!

Who likes Mr Barks? I do, especially at the beginning of the year. Straight after we went to class Mr Barks was funny and told jokes. He’s a really cool guy, person, when you get to know him.

Our teacher, Mr Barks, Is apart of a sailing club which has helped us quite a lot with our topic. He has told the main parts of a boat and lots of knots. Mr Barks is an awesome teacher same as every other teacher but Mr Barks is a bit funnier and different.

Mr Barks has a great family. In his family there's Mrs Barks his wife, Laurien, his daughter, and his son Cam. Mr Barks children sound like they really enjoy having of fun and playing music.

My teacher Mr Barks has helped me a lot, and when I can’t do something he will say keep going, you can do it and don’t give up! He is a very kind person, and that’s why I like Mr Barks.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What's Your Song?

Thanks to Miss King for helping us get our movie up on the blog...yes she is AMAZING!!!!!(She paid us to write this)

Now that the formalities are out of the way, why don't we tell you all a little bit about this terrific movie. Room 18 has been studying the "Mighty Mariners" and decided to work some creative music into our learning. We found some challenges for ourselves, as well as the mariners that we were studying and simply asked the question... IF THIS WAS THE CHALLENGE, THEN WHAT WOULD THE SONG BE TO GO ALONG WITH IT? As you'll soon see, we learned heaps, and had some fun along this learning journey. We hope your enjoy our efforts!