Thursday, April 22, 2010

Multiplication movie

Hello, we are learning about basic facts and multiplication this term. I don't know them very well, but I have been practising them more. We are making a movie about or sixes to help us to know them better. I am currently learning more about my sixes so I can make our movie look better. I hope you watch our movie when it is finished and I hope that it helps you know your facts better than you already do.

Einsteins Math Movie

Hi, this is a member of the Einsteins here to tell you about a movie that we will be doing. I hope that the people who are having difficulty with the four times table learn heaps and are able to do them quicker after watching our movie. There will be pictures showing the equations as well as singing, acting and songs created on Garage Band. I hope by the time I look at this again that there are some comments. Check back if you can because the movie will be great!

We are getting better!

My name is Misi and I am learning about facts and multiplication this term. So far, I am studying the 8 times table. As you are reading this, we are making a movie to show you how much better we are getting at the 8 times tables. If you would like to watch our movie, you could go to Room 18's blog and check it out when it is completed

Three Times Tables

The Hillary's are going to make a movie about the 3 times tables. We hope you will enjoy it. We will teach you your 3 times tables by using the three little pigs in our movie. While you are watching our movie, you can practise your math facts too. When you do get to watch our movie, please leave us a comment. Check back to see our completed project.

Three Little Pigs Multiplication

This term the Hillary's are learning about multiplication facts. My group is going to make a movie about the Three Little Pigs to show the 3 times tables. We will be putting songs into our movie. I hope that when we are finally finished that you will enjoy it.

Number Fact Movie

Hello, our class is making a movie about number facts. There will be music, a three-headed dragon, and times tables! I hope you enjoy our movie when it is finished.

Active Earth

Our goal for this term is to study about Active Earth. There is lots of pressure.

Six Times Tables

Hi, my group and I are learning how to get better at our six times tables. We are going to make a movie and help you learn your six times tables too. My group and I will make a slideshow that shows the facts all the way from 6x1, all the way to 6x12. I hope you enjoy it when it is finished.

Eight times tables movie

The Gates are learning about our eight times tables. I learned my eight times tables from a movie, so maybe our movie will help you with your math facts too! It will have lots of music and graphics. I hope you enjoy it when it is completed.

Math Animation

My group, "The Gates" are doing an animation that shows the 8 times tables. In our show we are going to put music and heaps of graphics. If you don't know them, then this might be a good opportunity to learn them. I learned them from a movie too. I hope you enjoy it when I'm finished.

Active Earth

This term we are learning about Active Earth. We are first studying about volcano's and how they have eruptions. Volcano's need pressure so they can erupt. Yesterday we were doing experiments of pressure on balloons. Here is some information for you to read.

The earth's core has magma that makes it's way to a volcano.
Volcanos can erupt under water.
Active volcanos can erupt.
Dormant volcanos erupted ages's ago and it might again someday.
Extinct volcanos don't erupt.


This term we are currently learning about volcanos and the active earth. We are mainly learning about pressure right now. Without pressure, there would not be volcanos around and there wouldn't be many other things that we take for granted in life. Do you use things that are under pressure in your life?

We are learning our 8 times tables!

We are learning our 8 times table. Eight times tables can give you some difficulty and that's why I'm making a movie for you, so you children can try and get better and better. My movie is going to be about an octopus swimmining around the ocean. When you get a chance to watch my movie, please tell your friends to watch it too. Check back for my completed project.

Facts of Four

Have you guys been learning your 4 X tables? Well I'm going to show you how you can get even better! I am busy creating an animation about facts of 4. This animation will show things that have 4 legs and all kinds of stuff. I hope my movie will help you learn more about your 4 times tables. Enjoy!

Multiplication Facts

Hi, my name is Naomi and I have been practising my basic multiplication facts. I am making a six times table movie that will show all of the stuff I have been learning. In this movie there will be some music, and also six quiet, steady instruments. I dont know my six's very well, but it's ok with me, because it shows that I am still learning. When you finally get to watch this, I would really like it if you could leave me a comment.

Number Fact Movie...coming soon

Our group, "The Hillary's" is making a movie all about number facts. I think you will enjoy learning your three times tables while watching our movie. There is going to be some songs in the movie and you will even see a three-eyed monster. After you watch the movie, you can come back and watch it again if you want. It would be very nice if you could leave me a comment. Check back for a great movie that is coming soon.

Monkey Math

Hello, my name is Charlie and I am trying to learn the five times table. I am making a video clip that will help people to learn their five times tables. Hopefully people will learn their five times table after they have watched my movie. My movie will have music, heaps of fives, and graphics of a monkey showing all of his fives. Please check back when the movie is finished because I think it will be a good way to learn your five times tables.

Ash Cloud

An ash cloud is a cloud that hangs around the volcano when it erupts. The wind can push this cloud far away from the volcano.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Owning Our Facts!

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to help us to learn and remember our math facts. Having more than a little difficulty with our eight times tables, this video was made just for us. It is allowing us in Room 18 to not only find our groove and bust some moves, but also the opportunity to "GRAB THOSE EIGHTS" Hope it helps you as much as it helps us! Stay posted for our multiplication video that will soon replace this one on our blog. Thanks for checking in on us!

Gold Coast Titans

The titans are one of the teams I go for this year.for there first few games they have won most of them so that's a good start for them.

My favourite people in the team is Preston Cambells and Scott Prince.

The game I like the best that they've played is against is the storm because they just won by a drop goal and it was a even all so then they they got another penalty and got another kick at goal.
I hope they get a chance to wan the NRL because that will be the first time.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camp kindness

During Camp Kindness it was a very fun and exciting time.
I had to show how participation,partnership and protection worked in my movie.

See if it works.