Friday, February 12, 2010

Mangere Pools

In the holidays I went to Mangere pools with my auntie and cousins. There were so many of us that my auntie had to make two trips to the pools because we couldn't all fit in her car. I was lucky enough to get to go in the first trip with some of my cousins. When we arrived at the pools, we went straight to the changing rooms and got changed into our togs. My cousins ran quickly into the pools, but not me! It was too cold! A short time later, I put my finger into the pool, and then quickly got changed, jumped into the pool, and headed for the slides. When I got to the slide there was a big line, so instead of waiting, I decided to hop in the bombing pool. When I saw that the line had shrunk, I got out of the bombing pool and went down the slide. This was not the end of the day, but it was a fun, awesome part of it!

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  1. i love d mangere pools!!!!! Great fun for free :)


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