Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Partnership, Participation and Protection!

We have been studying about the history of New Zealand and the importance of Partnership, Participation and Protection if people are going to work well together. Were these ideals that were only important in the past with the development and signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, or are they still relevant and important today? Watch our movie and see some of the awesome work from the amazing crew of Room 18!


When we did orienteering I was partnered up with Annexe. When we got to Tusi Tala Mr J was already waiting for us. He said to pick one person to be A and one person to be B because we were getting mixed up. When it was time to go we had to start by room 4 with number 16. When we started to get the clues we kept going back to the same letter all over the place. We asked Miss Squires if she could help us but she couldn't get the word. Then the trumpet rang and we had to go back to Mr J.

Ten Pin Bowling

As soon as we got to Ten Pin Bowling we told the man what shoes we wanted . We played with heaps of people on my team,Team Spirit. I came third over all. I think I was the best player although I'm really not good at all. Some people thought I was really good at bowling. We still had tons of fun because we had heaps of good players on my team. I had lots of fun and I really got to know people better. We experienced a lot more things at camp. I learned that winning doesn't mean you rub it in people's faces.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Camp Cooking

At camp, TLC went to camp cooking. We made damper on a wet bamboo stick. We had to cook it over fire for a long time. When we finished we ate it. It tasted nice because it had raisins.


Pt.England school this is my writing about Rockclimbing. When T.L.C was Rockclimbing, Raenen got half way and he got stuck when there were tiny rocks. T.L.C was about to go ten pin bowling when the instructors said that Nichole was going to climb the hooks. When she was climbing upside down then everyone in T.L.C was cheering for her. At Rockclimbing my favorite one was the jack and the beanstalk.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Zealand History

This movie represents what happened way back in the day when Maori's arrived in New Zealand and then what happened when Captain Cook and his crew arrived in New Zealand and invaded.This happened before the treaty of Waitangi.

Kayaking at camp

On the second day of camp, we were the last group to go kayaking. When we got there it was low tide so we had more problems to deal with than other groups. I really enjoyed kayaking even though we had to carry them to the beginning of the water.

Roller blading

Slipping and getting hurt, we were skating. I think Erene kept on falling down and that's how he got an injury on his head. When I got my roller blades I said to myself "can I skate?" When I first went in the circle I thought it was easy and then I fell down.

Rock climbing

Have you ever been rock climbing? Well let me tell about this time I went rock climbing. When I first went rock climbing I was scared but then I overcame my fear of heights. The first wall I went on was the letter wall. I saw the big wall, I was wondering if I was allowed to go on it, but I was to scared.


When we went rockclimbing we had instructions about our harnesses. One of the teachers had to hold tight to our ropes to hold us. Rockclimbing was so fun! I was nearly to the top!


When we went rockclimbing we had instructions about our harnesses. One of the teachers had to hold on to the rope to hold us. Rockclimbing was so fun! I went nearly to the top!


While learning how to rollerskate, I felt like I was going to fall.Rollerskating slower than everyone else, it was embarassing. This was the first time in my life to be skating. As one of the teachers helped, I began to get the hang of it.


Rockclimbing was so much fun but I didn't like the part when I came back down because it felt like you were dropping off a tall tower. Nervously climbing up one of the highest walls, I wondered to myself,"can I do this?" When one of the parent helpers made the rope tight for me to climb up, I knew that it would be alright.

What if I learned to rollerskate?

Learning how to rollerskate on wheels. I felt like I was going to fall because someone pushed me to the ground. I stand up and chase that person. And when I was riding I slipped and hit my head to the ground again and I felt so sad. At the end of skate I felt so excited because that person said they were so sorry. And then we jumped in the car and went to rock climbing.

New Zealand history

Kia ora, This is a movie about New Zealand history and the Maori arriving in New Zealand.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

History of New Zealand

My movie is about the the Maori and European people arriving in New Zealand and it is also about the signing Treaty of Waitangi

Map of NZ

Hi my name is Charlie .This is my movie about the Maori arrival in NZ about 10000 years ago. I hope you enjoy the movie.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Wednesday Camp

HI! There is a great team called TEAM SPIRT! The first day of camp was super fun and was heaps of exercise. One of first things we did was camp cooking with Mrs Flavle. We made rice crackles and green lamingtons. After that we had morning tea and wait here is one of the coolest things that you do. When your not travelling everywhere, you go out canoeing, or as some other people say kayaking. The first time you do it, it's a bit hard but then you get the hang of it and you get better and have loads more of fun. The last thing we did was Orienteering which was held by Mr J. He tells you what to do. You get to do 1 course for your warm up. There are 5 cards that are coloured red and they are in the same area. Then straight after that we do a coures with yellow cards and there are 27 cards to find. All you need is a compass and an answer sheet with a pencil. When that was over we had afternoon tea and went to the hall, got our bags and set up our beds for Wednesday night.