Friday, February 19, 2010

My Amazing Ride On A Hovercraft. Chelsea

Have you ever been for a ride on a cushion of air? Well, I have, and it is called a hovercraft. I would like to tell you about my amazing experience on this machine. Yesterday afternoon, I got to ride a hovercraft going up and down the path. It has a big leaf blower on it to make it move. When Sifa finished having his turn he picked me. I was so excited! Just as I started to hop on, the motor scared me with it's big noise. I sat down and held the throttle. As soon as Mr Barks pushed me, I started to scream because the exhaust was a little hot and my foot was next to it. When I hopped off, I stopped screaming. This was the day when I rode an amazing machine.

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  1. I am very jealous Chelsea! I love the way you described your experience. I almost feel like I was there - in fact I think my ears may be tingling from your screaming ;) Mrs Burt


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