Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Awesome Holidays

One Friday during the holidays, I went to Fun Fest. It was so fun because all of the rides were free. It was cool that I went on almost all of the rides. I didn't go on one because it looked very dangerous and my mum told me not to go on it. After the rides were finished we went home, but before we got home we stopped by Cornwall Park and we ate a little and then we went home to have a little nap. This was a good day!


  1. Hi havea,

    i left a message but i can't see it so here's another one.
    Easter is coming up, looking forward to having lots of fun that you can write about in school.

    Aunty Blin and Uncle Gavin

  2. hi havea

    i liked yr story....
    i hope u are having fun in ur holidays

    luv mum


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