Friday, February 12, 2010

Cousin's Birthday Party

In the holidays, I went to my cousin Greggy's eighteenth birthday party at his house. First of all we gave him presents from my auntie and my mum and dad. After the gifts were opened, me, my sisters, and my cousin's went outside to play on the trampoline. My uncle and my dad did a barbeque for us to eat after we were finished playing outside. The barbeque was delicious! After the barbeque, my cousin's friends came over and the house became overcrowded and the music was too loud! While the music was playing, we were dancing on the trampoline. Finally, we packed up and went back home. It was half past two but we had a fantastic time at my cousin's birthday party.

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  1. Hi Cecilia
    I like how you wrote about our cousin's birthday party, and I liked how you wrote about the best parts in the party. Keep up the good work Cecilia.


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