Friday, February 19, 2010

The Hovercraft Surprise

Have you ever wanted to ride a fast, floating cushion of air? Well, I have, and sometimes it feels like I am driving a really fast car without wheels. We ride it early in the morning sometimes, and we call it THE HOVERCRAFT! Some people think that someone is mowing the lawn because the hovercraft sounds like a lawnmower but it isn't. It is the sound of the leaf blower that is blowing air for us to ride on. It is lots of fun and I was ecstatic when I got to ride on it and I think you would enjoy it too.

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  1. Hi Emilee, I was looking through Room 18's fabulous blog and came across this post. I love the way you have written about your Hovercraft experience. You did a great job of hooking me in by describing your personal feelings and then you gave me a clear idea of how it worked with your subsequent sentences. You are right - I WOULD have enjoyed riding on it :)
    Mrs Burt


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