Monday, August 30, 2010

The weekend I had at my mum's Awhina

With great excitement, I was happy because I was going to my mum's for the weekend.I like going to my mum's because she spoils me.

On Saturday we were going to spend the day at the swimming pools. My mum,sisters,friends and I were going. When we got there we payed ourselves in then we raced to get changed. Then we jumped straight in to the pool. It was freezing cold! When my sister's jumped in I was excited because we were going to have a swimming competition. I was the only one who won besides my mum. When my mum and my sister went out they went to the takeaways to get some lunch. When they came back we had to get out and have something to eat. After that we had to wait half and hour to get back in the pool. After 4.00 clock we had to go and pick up my dad from work then we were going to get some dinner. Then we went back home to have dinner.(KFC) YUM!

On Sunday we went o my little cousin's birthday. His name is Johnny.When we got there they were already eating. After a little play around we played musical chairs. And i won! Then we played pass the parcel and my baby cousin won it. After that we played treasure hunt and my sister Denim won it. She won a bouncy ball. After that we had a little play then we packed up then it was adults night across the road at my uncles house.

That was a great weekend and I hope I get to do that next week.

The weekend I had at my mum's Awhina

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Dream I had!!!

With great fright, I had a scary dream that my family were vampires that kept trying to eat other people. They had been going around the town looking scary and eating humans. The scary part was that I saw lots of blood on the street. The only one they didn’t eat was my sister and I.

To be continued……..

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Magnificent Ted Ashbey

The maritime museum was cool because we got to go aboard the Ted Ashbey, make stuff and go on a tour with Salty Sam. It was fantastic because we learned more stuff about our mighty mariners.
Anxiously waiting to get on board the Ted Ashbey I talked to my pop as I tried to keep balance on the jetty, rail. Finally we made it off the jetty and into the boat.

As we got on, one of the crew members asked some people if they wanted to help put the sail up and I was one of them. It felt like I was one of the crew members as I helped put up the humongous sail.

During the ride we saw a fantastic view of the sky tower and the harbour bridge. As I look down at the sea the waves made me feel relaxed. Looking up as we went under the harbour bridge we saw lots of cars trucks and all of that stuff.

At the end of the ride on the boat we all said good bye to the sailors and the Ted Ashbey. I wish that we can go on another ride on the Ted Ashbey with our class.

My Favourite Teacher's

Hey Pt England, do know who my favourite teacher's are? Well let me describe one of them. She has blond hair and she is so very tall, she use to teach room 8 and I guess some of you know who she is and well the last thing is that she now teaches one of the year 7 classes. The other teacher is very tall too he is very good at sailing and he teaches in my class, loves to play gridiron, is very kind and he is cool. Both of the teachers are so awesome and great. Now if you want to guess who they are then please write it in your comment. Well that's all for now I hope you have a great day Pt England bye bye, see you next time!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Sports, who likes sports in Pt England School? I know I certainly do. Has any one got a favourite sport? I do, anyway I really enjoy playing sports because it’s a lot of fun, great excises, lots of hard work, and just great to play. Some of the sports I enjoy playing are touch, softball, GRIDIRON touch!!! (yeah MR BARKS played that sport.), swimming and many more, But there’s one sport I enjoy playing and it’s my favourite sport, so if you want to guess what that sport is, then please can you write it in your comment. Keep posting all you bloggers out there, see you next time!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Life Of Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was a famous Italian explorer. He traveled to Iceland when he was only 16. Sailing the seas was something he always wanted to do.

Born in 1451, Christopher Columbus grew up in Geona,Italy. When he was older he had two kids, Diego and Fernando. They both had different mothers. His family moved to Savona, which is another town in Italy, when he was 19.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

International Marine Signal Flags!

Marine signal flags are a complete set of flags use to communicate on the water. You can use them to spell out any message. There are some flags that have other meanings, especially if they are used with other flags. For example, "DX" means that this ship is sinking. (I guess it won't be flying this flag for too long), a "C" means "yes", and "N" means "no". We have put together a slide show with some of the letters and the meaning behind them. I think it would be difficult to communicate well with flags.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Marine communication

This year Pt England is learning about mighty mariners.
My class, room 18 is learning about marine communication.
I will be talking about marine communication. The army
people have there own alphabet. They have there own
alphabet because when they are communicating they could
easily get confused for an example, if they say c,b,d,e or
some other letters they would some how think its another
letter.when they talk to each other through the walkeytalkey
its hard for them to understand so they came up with an idea
to make an alphabet so they could easily understand. They
decided to say Alpha,Bravo,Charlie,Delta,Echo,Foxtrot and
many more.

Trying to avoid the wobbling jetty ( little bridge near water ) I was balancing as I got aboard the flat bottom yacht called the Ted Ashby.

I was filming so I couldn't see everything. Jarna wanted a turn so I was happy because I could go and see things on board. I saw several knots including the bowline ,figure eight and I think the reef knot. It was very exciting to be on the yacht and a very good example of how sailors feel on a boat.

As soon as we got off ,we got our lunch and had a feed or went to Salty Sam and he was a very weird man but very funny in a weird way.My highlight would be getting out there and feeling very free.

I would like to say thanks to the people at the maritime museum
and letting our school participate in this activity. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My dream NRL dream team would have to be billy Slater as 1 from the Melbourne Storms because he has a lot of experienced at the back, Lote Tiquri 2 from the fierce West Tigers,Tamana Tahu 3 from the stinging Eels ,Greg Inglis 4 coming from the striking Storms ,Jarryd Hayne 5 from the from the sparking Paramatter Eels,Benji Marshell 6 from the growling West Tigers and Jonathan Thurston the stampeding cowboys as number 7. These backs are very extremely dangerous players to play against, there very good.these are just some of the backs that i am showing you , there are plenty more that are really fierce and talented.Here are the forwards. number 8 would have to be the retired Ruben wiki the mighty warriors. Ummmm uh number nine would have to be Issac Luke from the south Sydney Rabbitohs number 10 is Fuifui Moimoi representing the smooth Eels and 11 would probably Have to go to Sam Thaiday from the Brisbane Broncos and 12 easily goes to another retired extraordinary player Sonny Bill Williams from the Canterbury Bulldogs and last but not least 13 Micheal luck from the NEW ZEALAND WARRIORS!!!!!!!

finally that's over , this is my NRL dream team. And again these are just some of the very fierce an staring players in NRL thank you for reading.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Marco Polos life 1254-1324

Marco Polo was a explorer, a hero. He traveled to china when he was 17 years old. He has lots of family members and friends. He went to jail in 1280. He was born in 1254 and died in 1324. His childhood was mostly traveling.

When Marco Polo was 17 he traveled to China with his uncle, Maffeo Polo and his father, Niccolo Polo. This was his first ever adventure on a boat. They went there because his father and uncle were traders and had to trade something in China.

Marco Polo's childhood was mostly spent on traveling with his uncle because he was a trader same as his father. He lived with his uncle and aunt because his mother died after giving birth to him.

Marco Polo has lots of family members like his father and uncle, Niccolo Polo and Maffeo Polo also his aunt and his mother and many more. His best friend was Christopher Columbus, and they did everything together.

Marco Polo went to jail in 1280 because he got captured in war by some bad people, and stayed in jail for a very long time.

His journey started in 1254 and his journey ended in 1324 8 January. People were sad, Upset, and disappointed because all of that research and discovery is finished. I think Marco Polo was a hero and also a great Italian explorer

Ted Ashby Sailing!

Tieing The Knot!

This is a short video that shows how to tie a reef knot. I hope this helps you. A reef knot is sometimes called a "thief" knot because sailors used this to tie up their belongings and it was easy to tell if someone was in your things. Interesting!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Maritime Museum Trip

Team 4 went on a trip to the Maritime Museum. We went on the Ted Ashby (sailboat.)
While we were sailing, we had a fantastic view of the Harbour Bridge. We also enjoyed seeing Rangitoto along with other yachts that were out enjoying the water. I really liked the tall masts swaying in the wind!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ted Ashby - Scow

Walking over to the Ted Ashby, we were told to put on rain coats. At first I was scared, but I slowly got over it.
Moving along the water, we could all hear the waves and feel the cold wind coming towards us. Even though it was some people's first time going out to sea, we were all happy.

To be continued...