Monday, November 29, 2010

Camp Bentzon 2010 - my like list!

1. Swimming in the water. This was so much fun, it was nice cool water to jump into.

2. Running up intp the forest. This was a neat way to do exercise. It was a little difficult. I got through it by having a drink now and then and telling myself ‘I can do it’.

3. Jumping off the pontoon. It was so much fun because I was doing backflips and bouncing off Stevie and some of my other friends.

4. Jumping off the wharf. The height of the wharf off the water was exciting. It made me feel a little nervous but I still jumped off it. I started off the big log and then I used the smaller one.

5.Playing on the playground. I like to play tag on the playground with my friends. I never seemed to get tired of playing here.

To all the teachers and parents on camp thank you for helping us to do lot of good activities. Also for serving all the children food. I would like to say thanks to Mr Coop for cooking us the delicious food. Your desserts were fantastic!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Charlie caught 2 weta last week. Mrs Clarke filmed what happened when he let them go.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Excitement In The Air!

Tomorrow is going to be another exciting day at Point England School. Why, you might ask? Well just stay seated, and I'll tell what all the excitement is about.

Athletics! That's right, it's all about an opportunity for us to compete in a wide variety of events. High jump, sprints, shotput, discus, and if you can believe it, we even get to launch a javelin.

Win or lose, tomorrow will be a fantastic day, and I hope that everyone has a great day, competing in the numerous events. Good luck everyone!