Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hovercraft Mania!

Riding a hovercraft has been a new and exciting experience

for the students in Room 18. Interest has moved beyond our

classroom , and as the pictures depict, even adults have

been jumping at the opportunity to float about on this unique

and intriguing machine. Hmmm, I wonder which staff member

will be next to go for a spin. Stay tuned for further updates.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Fast Hovercraft

Have you been on a fast, floating hovercraft before? I have, and I think it is wonderful.

The Hovercraft Surprise

Have you ever wanted to ride a fast, floating cushion of air? Well, I have, and sometimes it feels like I am driving a really fast car without wheels. We ride it early in the morning sometimes, and we call it THE HOVERCRAFT! Some people think that someone is mowing the lawn because the hovercraft sounds like a lawnmower but it isn't. It is the sound of the leaf blower that is blowing air for us to ride on. It is lots of fun and I was ecstatic when I got to ride on it and I think you would enjoy it too.

The Future

Guess what? Have you ever seen someone floating on air? I have, because Mr Barks brought a hovercraft to school. He said that it was from his old students from Waimokoia, but the students who made the hovercraft let us use it. After lunch we had a go on it. It was so fun, cool, and hot.

The Future Ride

On my way to school, I could not believe my eyes because there were people riding on a hovercraft.

The Most Special Machine Ever

Can you believe that Mr Barks brought a hovercraft into school. The first time Mr Barks brought in the hovercraft, we went outside to try it out. Lepa started it up so we could ride on it. It was so cool. Have you ever smelt something that smelt so horrible? Ok, I have, and I have seen it too. It is a hovercraft that is made out of a leaf blower engine. It is a special machine.

The Floating Cushion

Have you ever been for a ride on a cushion of air? Well I have. It is called a hovercraft. I would like to tell you about my amazing experience on this machine. Yesterday afternoon I got to ride up and down the path on this hovercraft. Students from Room 18 couldn't wait to have an opportunity to ride on it. There was a lot of shouting and screaming for joy and happiness. I hope I get another turn soon!

The Amazing Hovercraft

The most unusual thing happened yesterday. Mr. Barks brought a surprise to class, it was a hovercraft and it sounded exciting. Room 18 went outside went outside to test it out. Lepa, Jephte and Naomi were given the opportunity to fire it up. Lepa was able to start it, so he got to go first. The motor was loud and sounded like a motorbike. I didn't get a chance to float on it yet, but I will, and I feel excited to the max! I think it will be amazing!

My Amazing Ride On A Hovercraft. Chelsea

Have you ever been for a ride on a cushion of air? Well, I have, and it is called a hovercraft. I would like to tell you about my amazing experience on this machine. Yesterday afternoon, I got to ride a hovercraft going up and down the path. It has a big leaf blower on it to make it move. When Sifa finished having his turn he picked me. I was so excited! Just as I started to hop on, the motor scared me with it's big noise. I sat down and held the throttle. As soon as Mr Barks pushed me, I started to scream because the exhaust was a little hot and my foot was next to it. When I hopped off, I stopped screaming. This was the day when I rode an amazing machine.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Napier Holiday

In the holidays, I went to Napier with my mum and my brother in a van. I asked my mum how long it would take to get to Napier and she said it would take about five hours. I was thinking, "holy snap!" On the way to Napier I saw this skinny bridge that trains go on and my brother told me that he had been there before. When we go to Taupo, we stopped to get something to eat at Burger King. After that we continued our adventure to Napier. When we got to the mountains, I saw this funny shaped hill that looked like it was floating in the air, just like in the movie Avatar. When we got to my cousins, I got out of the van and ran inside to hug my aunty, uncle and cousin. I then asked if I could go in the spa pool and my uncle Tony said "yes," so me and my brother ran to get dressed in our togs. When we got in it felt cold even though it was 30 degrees Celcius. We only stayed for one day, but we had fun.

My Summer

On Thursday during the holidays, at Sylvia Park, there was some movie watching that was happening at Hoyts. I was part of a group that was watching the movie called "Twilight New Moon." There were some comical and some scary parts in the movie. The audience seemed to be enjoying the movie. This included everyone in my family except ME. I was busy eating the popcorn - no sharing, just minding my own business like a regular 10 year old boy. At the end of the movie, I asked if I could have one more icecream. The answer was no! My family made comments and compliments about the movie and then began to ask me questions. I had no answers, so they asked my mum. Most of the questions or comments were about something FANTASTIC about the movie.

My Summer

In the holidays, I went to Panoma with my family to my aunty's house. When we got there we went to our treehouse up in the tree. After that we had to go inside to eat a barbeque. When we finished, we went back outside to the treehouse. My aunty called me to help her to cook food for Monday. It was all so cool!

My Summer

In the holidays, I went to my aunty's house to have a barbeque. After we had a barbeque, we went to the pools in Panmure. It was so cool and cold out, but then the sun came out. I went down the slide and then I ran and jumped into the cold pool. This was a great day!

My Summer Fun Day

On a lovely Saturday morning, my cousin Brandee and I had breakfast, got dressed and ready for our fun day and went to the car.

When we got to the car, we played with my little cousin and Brandee's little sister Prayer. As soon as we got to our Nana Aloma's house, we got out and started talking to our family. Soon after that we hopped back into the car and went to the botanical gardens for our fun day. When the rest of the family got there, we played soccer. During soccer we sorted out who was going to be in groups and whoever got a goal got to stay on as the champions. We beat nearly all of them!

A couple of hours later, we had some lunch and drinks. Soon after that we played tag and sorted out two teams, but we decided to have two of the teams play as one in a big game of tag. We played this tag game for three hours.

We finished tag and packed up before it started to rain. When we got to our Nana Aloma's house we played volleyball. After that we got dinner ready and we had a sausage sizzle and hot chips. When dinner was finished, we got our beds ready and hopped into bed to watch a movie. We had my cousin Prayer in the middle of me and Brandee, but then Prayer got sick. She spewed up on our bed and pillows! When the bed was cleaned up we had some popcorn and chips before we went to sleep.

This was the most fun I've had on a holiday in my life because we played games all day and didn't have to get growled at all day!

Basketball Fun

In the holidays, me, my sister, and my nephew went to AMF Bowling. I had only ten dollars to spend, but my sister gave me another twenty dollars so that was pretty cool. I played the little basketball game the most. When I got the tickets, I got a prize. I had a lot of fun!

Waiwera Accident

In my holidays I went to a place called Waiwera. While we were there, my cousin had an accident because he was running across to me to get his money. This didn't happen because my cousin slipped in the pool. One thing that was lucky though, was that we got to stay there until seven O'clock at night. When we got home I had to go to bed.

Tree Climbing

It was a day when I went out with my family. It was on the second of December and it was my aunty's birthday. The first thing we were asked to do when we got to the tree climbing place was to put on the safety belt. Then we got told what to do so we wouldn't kill ourselves. There were 100 levels and I was so happy to go first. I got up to level 17 and my aunty's got up to level 9 but they were tired. My cousins got up to the log level which was level 15. I was the winner and I got a prize. My family did not get a prize. After that we got fish and chips and then we went home. It was the best day ever!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Secret Waterfalls

My favourite summer day was when I went with my mum and my family to our secret place called the WATERFALLS. It's our secret place because no one knows where it is. The waterfalls is the coldest place ever and the most fun place ever too. My aunty and my uncle chucked me into the water and I froze. I didn't move or talk, I just feel the coldness around me. I stayed in for a while and swam all around the place. We stayed until the afternoon before we got out, packed our stuff and went home. I love going to our secret place!

My Summer With My Family

In the holidays I went to a Bidois reunion in Tauranga with my mum, sisters, brothers, aunties, and my baby cousin. When we we got there, I met a lot of my family that I didn't know. I said "hello" to all my cousins, aunties, uncles, nanas and also my papas. Some of the kids were wet because they were playing in the swimming pool while the rest were playing basketball on the front lawn. It was a fun day, but my favourite part was eating scrumptious food with the kids after all the fun had ended.

My Awesome Holidays

One Friday during the holidays, I went to Fun Fest. It was so fun because all of the rides were free. It was cool that I went on almost all of the rides. I didn't go on one because it looked very dangerous and my mum told me not to go on it. After the rides were finished we went home, but before we got home we stopped by Cornwall Park and we ate a little and then we went home to have a little nap. This was a good day!

Holiday Adventures

In the holidays it was my birthday and my nana's birthday. We went to the Waiwera pools. I went down the gutbuster. I also went fishing, and my papa caught a fish. We went diving for shell fish too. It was fun fishing.

Fun With My Family

In my holiday, I went to the Time Out Zone in the ten pin bowling centre at Mount Wellington. My mum won a lot of money in the little casino by the pool tables. We played a lot of games. My favourite game was the stacking game because, you can win some pretty cool prizes on it. It was cool and fun playing pool with my younger brother too. This was a very fun night with my family.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Short but Sweet Slide

In the holidays, I went for a swim at the swimarama pools in Panmure. When we got there, I got changed into my togs quickly because I couldn't wait to go down the hydroslide. Running quickly up the stairs, I saw there was hardly anyone there so I got to go down first. It was dark when I went down but it was so much fun that I wanted to go down a second time. Sadly enough, I had to go. Even though I only got to take one turn it was still a lot of fun.

Great Day With My Cousin And Uncle

In the holidays, I went ten pin bowling and played lazer strike and arcade games with my cousin Dakota. My uncle bought us a delicious feed of burgers and chips while we were playing the games. After eating, it was time for us to go into the Lazer Strike Shelter. A lady there taught us how to shoot the lazer guns and how to wear the equipment. We began to play, and it was me and my cousin against my uncle. We all had a good time because we won lots of tickets and got lots of goodies. We said "thank you" to my uncle and bought him a prize with some of our tickets. This was the best day of my holidays and I got to spend it with my cousin and uncle.

Australia...A Bit Hot!

In the holidays, I went to Australia with my mum. We left for the airport at 6:30 with my uncle Andrew. When me and my mum got into the plane, it took off like a jet plane going super fast! This plane had one, big toilet that lots of people wanted to use, so I had to wait in line. My mum was watching television on a special TV chair when I came back from the toilet. She let me sit down and play a video game in her seat. After a while, I looked out the window and saw the airport so I knew we would land soon. I got a nice tasting chocolate on my way off the plane and then we went outside and met my mum's sister, who took us to her house. Even though it was night, it was really hot! For a Christmas surprise, I got two boxes of chocolate and a remote control car. We stayed with my auntie for two weeks. On our last day, we went to the beach and it was mad! It was so loud that it made my ears hurt! After playing at the beach, we went to the airport and came back to New Zealand. My holiday was good, but not great because Australia was just too hot!

Mangere Pools

In the holidays I went to Mangere pools with my auntie and cousins. There were so many of us that my auntie had to make two trips to the pools because we couldn't all fit in her car. I was lucky enough to get to go in the first trip with some of my cousins. When we arrived at the pools, we went straight to the changing rooms and got changed into our togs. My cousins ran quickly into the pools, but not me! It was too cold! A short time later, I put my finger into the pool, and then quickly got changed, jumped into the pool, and headed for the slides. When I got to the slide there was a big line, so instead of waiting, I decided to hop in the bombing pool. When I saw that the line had shrunk, I got out of the bombing pool and went down the slide. This was not the end of the day, but it was a fun, awesome part of it!

Cousin's Birthday Party

In the holidays, I went to my cousin Greggy's eighteenth birthday party at his house. First of all we gave him presents from my auntie and my mum and dad. After the gifts were opened, me, my sisters, and my cousin's went outside to play on the trampoline. My uncle and my dad did a barbeque for us to eat after we were finished playing outside. The barbeque was delicious! After the barbeque, my cousin's friends came over and the house became overcrowded and the music was too loud! While the music was playing, we were dancing on the trampoline. Finally, we packed up and went back home. It was half past two but we had a fantastic time at my cousin's birthday party.

The Missing Togs!

On Sunday the 31st of January, it was my birthday. It was not just my birthday though, it was also my sister Denim's and my auntie Laws. When I first woke up, I felt really, really happy that my birthday was finally here. We all went to the Swim-a-rama Pools and I was so excited to go. When we got to the pools, I saw this person on the other side of the window. I didn't really know who it was, but when I really looked at her, I discovered that this person was really my cousin. Next, I went to get changed but I couldn't find my togs! After looking for them for a while, I suddenly remembered that I already had them on. Let me tell you, I was laughing hard out! I did have a great time at the pools and I think it was the best birthday ever.

One Of The Best Days Of My Life

As part of my holiday, I went for a swim at the wave pools in Mount Albert. It was so hot that I stayed in the water for three hours! While I was there, I went on a slide a couple of times and when the waves came, I jumped in! It was so hard to swim that I almost drowned and I had to hold onto the edge of the pool until I felt better. After I rested, I swam out of the pool, changed, and then went to a park. We played cricket and had some delicious takeaway from KFC before going home. When I think about it, this was one of the best days of my life!

Hillarious Movie

In the summer we went to watch the movie "Toothfairy." It is about an iceskater. There is a funny part where he turns into a toothfairy but he doesn't know that this has happened to him. He needed to collect six or seven teeth from under children's pillows then and only then will he be able to turn back into a human. This was a hilarious movie and I would recommend it to everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Strive To Succeed - The Future Is Ours To Take!

This video represents a small part of a much bigger and meaningful presentation. Our task was to take a line from the song "Strive To Succeed" and create a video clip to go along with the chosen line of the lyrics. Room 18 selected the words "the future is ours to take!" As the video clip shows, we had some creative fun along the way. Stay tuned and we'll be sure to provide the completed project as soon as it is released!

Summer Swimming

In the holidays I went to the beach for a swim. It was nice and cold in the water! When I got out of the ocean, the sun was hot but a bunch of us kids played anyways. When we went back into the water again, it was starting to get hot, even in the water! A few days after this great swim, we went to another beach and it was even better that the first one because now we had a wharf to jump off of. This was the cool part about some very hot days. I loved it!

Jephte's Summer Holidays

In the holidays I went to Hamilton with my family to visit our friends. When we got to Hamilton, we had icecream and pizza and then we went to play at the park. The next day we went to the beach and friend Allan caught two fish! When we came back from the beach we went to McDonalds. The next day we went home to Auckland. The best part of my holiday was when my friend Allan caught some fish!