Friday, February 12, 2010

The Missing Togs!

On Sunday the 31st of January, it was my birthday. It was not just my birthday though, it was also my sister Denim's and my auntie Laws. When I first woke up, I felt really, really happy that my birthday was finally here. We all went to the Swim-a-rama Pools and I was so excited to go. When we got to the pools, I saw this person on the other side of the window. I didn't really know who it was, but when I really looked at her, I discovered that this person was really my cousin. Next, I went to get changed but I couldn't find my togs! After looking for them for a while, I suddenly remembered that I already had them on. Let me tell you, I was laughing hard out! I did have a great time at the pools and I think it was the best birthday ever.


  1. ki orana

    that was pretty inpresive fina and you did laugh when you all ready had your togs on it was cool when we got home we saw all my auntys and uncles and cousins there

    love from denim

  2. hi Awhina i really like how you wrote about our birthday about me and you that and i like your title the missing togs pretty inpresive fina keep it up keep smiling like what mum always say's.

    from denim


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