Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jarryd hayne

Jarryed Hayne

Jarryd Hayne is my favorite player in NRL. He has a very good side that haven't been very good this year EELS. Last year the EELS made it to the grand final with the highly paid team the STORM. Sadly the EELS lost but, Jarryd Hayne was the player of the year.

He has very fancy boots which he wears, yellow Nike boots ,they are very bright and a lot of people have them, in fac
t I have some of my own. Jarryd Hayne plays in State of Origin for New South wales which have lost for 5 years and the victorious team Queensland which have embarrassed New South wales for a long time.

Jarred Hayne has a enemy in STORM called Billy the kid Slater . They have had a fight and Billy Slater got luck because he never suspended and Jarred Hayne did.

Treasure Thieves

In the early 1500's Spanish galleons carried vast amounts of American gold, silver and other jewels. They took this treasure over the Atlantic Ocean. Even though these vessels were heavily armed, they were slow, and attracted pirates like bees to honey.

Like Bees To Honey!

In the early 1500's, Spanish galleons carried vast amounts of American gold, silver, and other jewels. They took it over the Atlantic Ocean. These heavily armed vessels attracted pirates like bees to their honey!

Pirate Robbers

Pirates are robbers that sail the seas, attacking ports and ships, stealing treasures and other goods. About 500 years ago, the Indian Ocean and South China Seas were no place for merchant boats because of the dangers of pirates. They are still threats today!
I think pirates are selfish and greedy!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vodafone Warriors

Warriors are ranked 5!!! On the NRL(National Rugby League) ladder and they have a very strong defence line this year and that helps them to keep the other team from getting above their score.The warriors have won to very strong side and has earned their position.they even beat number2 on the NRL ladder, the mighty Panthers which in the start of the year macicated the warriors in round 2,3, or round 4.The Panthers have been really impressive this year, in fact they are very talented.

Warriors are my Number 1 team, plus the Titans.when I grow up my goal is to get into NRL and be are very famous player.I have a club that I play for called Mt Wellington Warriors and we are also a very good team.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day!

Today was Canada Day, and Room 18, stuck with a crazy canuck as their teacher were dubbed "honorary" Canadians and coerced into the celebration by joining forces with the other canucks in Room 12 and singing some songs with a bit of a northern flavor for the rest of the school. They did a terrific job of singing the national anthem, complete with one verse in french, and then followed it with a folk song that was sung as a round. This was the movie that followed, highlighting Canadianism. We hope you enjoy it!