Monday, August 30, 2010

The weekend I had at my mum's Awhina

With great excitement, I was happy because I was going to my mum's for the weekend.I like going to my mum's because she spoils me.

On Saturday we were going to spend the day at the swimming pools. My mum,sisters,friends and I were going. When we got there we payed ourselves in then we raced to get changed. Then we jumped straight in to the pool. It was freezing cold! When my sister's jumped in I was excited because we were going to have a swimming competition. I was the only one who won besides my mum. When my mum and my sister went out they went to the takeaways to get some lunch. When they came back we had to get out and have something to eat. After that we had to wait half and hour to get back in the pool. After 4.00 clock we had to go and pick up my dad from work then we were going to get some dinner. Then we went back home to have dinner.(KFC) YUM!

On Sunday we went o my little cousin's birthday. His name is Johnny.When we got there they were already eating. After a little play around we played musical chairs. And i won! Then we played pass the parcel and my baby cousin won it. After that we played treasure hunt and my sister Denim won it. She won a bouncy ball. After that we had a little play then we packed up then it was adults night across the road at my uncles house.

That was a great weekend and I hope I get to do that next week.

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