Monday, August 9, 2010

Trying to avoid the wobbling jetty ( little bridge near water ) I was balancing as I got aboard the flat bottom yacht called the Ted Ashby.

I was filming so I couldn't see everything. Jarna wanted a turn so I was happy because I could go and see things on board. I saw several knots including the bowline ,figure eight and I think the reef knot. It was very exciting to be on the yacht and a very good example of how sailors feel on a boat.

As soon as we got off ,we got our lunch and had a feed or went to Salty Sam and he was a very weird man but very funny in a weird way.My highlight would be getting out there and feeling very free.

I would like to say thanks to the people at the maritime museum
and letting our school participate in this activity. :)

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  1. Cool Lepa that was a very detailed recount of the Ted Ashby ride and the activity's you did after. Can't wait for more of your excellent writing. keep up the great work.



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