Monday, August 9, 2010

Marine communication

This year Pt England is learning about mighty mariners.
My class, room 18 is learning about marine communication.
I will be talking about marine communication. The army
people have there own alphabet. They have there own
alphabet because when they are communicating they could
easily get confused for an example, if they say c,b,d,e or
some other letters they would some how think its another
letter.when they talk to each other through the walkeytalkey
its hard for them to understand so they came up with an idea
to make an alphabet so they could easily understand. They
decided to say Alpha,Bravo,Charlie,Delta,Echo,Foxtrot and
many more.

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  1. Hi Lepa,
    I loved the way you uose interesting words. That was a awesome peice of writing that you done. I hope one day that you could teach some of the children at school keep the great work up because that was a very long setence. I know that you done three sentence. Wow how did you do that? Keep it up and have a nice day tomorrow. Because our class is going on our trip to the Maritime Museum tomorrow.

    From Sela Room10


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