Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Magnificent Ted Ashbey

The maritime museum was cool because we got to go aboard the Ted Ashbey, make stuff and go on a tour with Salty Sam. It was fantastic because we learned more stuff about our mighty mariners.
Anxiously waiting to get on board the Ted Ashbey I talked to my pop as I tried to keep balance on the jetty, rail. Finally we made it off the jetty and into the boat.

As we got on, one of the crew members asked some people if they wanted to help put the sail up and I was one of them. It felt like I was one of the crew members as I helped put up the humongous sail.

During the ride we saw a fantastic view of the sky tower and the harbour bridge. As I look down at the sea the waves made me feel relaxed. Looking up as we went under the harbour bridge we saw lots of cars trucks and all of that stuff.

At the end of the ride on the boat we all said good bye to the sailors and the Ted Ashbey. I wish that we can go on another ride on the Ted Ashbey with our class.

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