Friday, May 6, 2011

You Better Believe Our, Bigger,Better,Stronger,Faster, Topic This Term

My ears were stuck to Mr Burt, tuned in to the announcement that he was about to proclaim. I was full of anticipation, and when I finally heard what our topic would be, I knew instantly that it was going to be exciting! The name of our topic…(drum roll please) is Bigger, Better, Stronger, and Faster.
So this is how all the hullabaloo began. After relaxing in the holidays, on the 2nd of May, all of our teachers dressed up crazy, trying to explain the schools new topic for this term. It will be fascinating because we will get to learn about advanced technology. I’ve got the feeling that I am going to have an extremely awesome term.

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  1. Hi room 18 I thought that post was Awesome.I know what the Immersion assembly was cool.I bet the teacher sucked your eyes in instead of your ears in.Keep up the good work tino pai tamariki


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