Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great Times With Tamaki College!

Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Tamaki College and do some activities with the Year 12 students. They took their valuable time and showed us some interesting games. Even though we were considerably younger, they made us feel important.

Some of my favourite things that we did were... statues, bullrush and basketball. My absolute favourite, was when we had to search for letters to spell out a sentence. We didn't win, but it was still a great game.

When we met for our last session, we were surprised with a gift of delicious treats. It was a thoughtful gesture, and the treats were tasty!

I had an incredibly awesome time with these guys, and I hope we are able to meet again sometime in the future.


  1. What a great piece of writing Tupac!! We liked how there are indented paragraphs and you've used very interesting word groups. We're all wondering why you got to go to Tamaki College for sports?

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 9

  2. Hi room 18
    I really like your writing and I would want to go to Tamaki collage and play those activities with the students. .I really hope that we will be able to go there because it sounds like fun.
    From Jorja

  3. Hi room 18,

    I really wished I was there. I hope you had fun and that you write more. I think that your story is interesting.


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