Friday, May 6, 2011

Bring On The Easter Hunt

Even though I was really busy over the Easter holidays, nothing really eventful happened. On the first Sunday of the break, I was asked to help my auntie make food for our Easter celebration. I didn't really help her “make” the food, I just helped her “with” the food. In fact, I only helped her make the potato salad. What I did do though, was rap and hide the eggs for our easter hunt. Before we could begin this adventure, we had to complete a difficult task...everyone HAD to enjoy some ice-cream. Tough job! When I was finished setting up the hunt for the younger children, I had to first set the table, and then make sure that the little ones had everything they needed in the living room.
I also had to make sure that they all had seven Easter eggs in their little Easter bags that they are going to use when we go on our easter hunt. When I finished I had got a big shock because my auntie yelled out my name “Hainite!’’
I answered back “I’m coming”, and then she reminded me that I still had to go and hide the 10 big easter eggs in all the trees, branches, and leaves. Ten minutes later, my mum,sisters and brothers arrived from church, and I ran to change my clothes. I then ran downstairs, and saw everyone coming out of the van. I remembered that there were still two more giant Easter eggs in the kitchen, so I ran and I put them in the fridge, safe from my two little sisters and their incredible love of chocolate.
Soon everyone was ready, so my grandpa said a prayer, and we were for some delicious kai. When everyone had finished eating, it was finally my favourite part of the day... the easter hunt! At that moment, I knew that I was going to find the most easter eggs, because after all, I was the one that set it all up!

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