Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Neighborhood Taken Down By Earthquake!

As the red-hot embers of fire, caused by an earthquake, made the billowing clouds of deadly smoke rise, it covered the entire neighborhood. The searing heat of flames challenged people to protect themselves as they struggled to breathe the smoky air. The neighborhood was left with nothing but rubble and debris along with burnt, scorched buildings and trees.


  1. Wow Jarna! Well done on making sure that all your sentences were related to your paragraph topic. With your choice of vocabulary and thorough descriptions, you make the audience feel like they are actually at the scene of this disaster!

  2. Hey Jarna,

    I like how you said "red hot embers".

    I know Mr.Barks said you had to say caused by an earthquack cause you said lasted night.

    Keep up the good work wyatt

  3. I like all the cool words you used.


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