Friday, May 21, 2010

General Scrab - poem

Once, long ago there was a General named Scrab,
Who wanted all the land that his men could grab.
So he said to his scientist, "think up a plan,
As despicable, and crafty as ever that you can."
"I want to take over the land of Justavia!
It's that little country, right next to Balavia.
But no one must know that we've thought up the plan,
Or they'll be here to kill us, each member of our clan."
So the scientist went away, to sort out a plot,
Or they knew that in a dungeon they would all surely rot.
Then atlast they had a plan that was safe and sound...
Erupting volcanoes would rock Justavia's ground!
But the smart Justavians were quickly onto Scrab.
We'll find a way to make the General blab.
So they went off to Bismo to stop Scrab's rotten plot,
And put that old general in a dungeon to rot.
The moral of the story is, if you want a happy life,
Live with those around you,
And don't cause any strife.


  1. Hi Havea,

    I really enjoyed your made me laugh right out loud!! I especially like how you used words like despicable and crafty to describe the plan. Keep writing poetry, you have a real flare for it and I can't wait to read more!

  2. That was a great poem. It was brillant and we really enjoyed it.

  3. LOL I remember you when I gave you a book and you wrote sooo many stories of different genres. You should write more often Havea, you are really good at it.

    Aunty Blin


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