Monday, July 8, 2013

Pick A Partner And A Problem!

Partner up with a friend and see how many of these decimal problems you can make sense of. Remember that your thinking is much more important than an answer.

1. A water pitcher weighs 0.64 kg when empty and 1.728 kg when filled with water. How much does the water weigh?

2. A cyclist has travelled 145.8 km in the first stage of a race, 136.65 km in the second stage and 162.62 km in the third. How many km must the cyclist still complete if the entire race is 1000 km in length?

3. In a well filled with water, 184.5 litres are remove followed by 128.75 litres and finally 84.5 litres. After these withdrawals, there are 160 litres in the well. How much water did the well originally have? 

4. There are 240 boxes with 25 bags of coffee each. If each bag wighs 0.62 kg, what is the total weight of all the coffee? 

5. Knowing that 2.077m3 air weighs 2.7 kg, calculate how much 1m3 of air weighs.

6. Eva is on a diet which states that she cannot consume more than 600 calories in one meal. Yesterday she had lunch: 125 g of bread, 140 g of asparagus, 45 g of cheese and an apple of 130 g. If 1 g of bread has 3.3 calories, 1 g of asparagus, 0.32 calories, 1 g of cheese, 1.2 calories and 1 g of an apple has 0.52 calories. Did Eva follow her diet?

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  1. Alexandria and SerenaJuly 11, 2013 at 9:30 PM

    (1) Question Number One

    What we did was took 0.64 away from 1.728 which is 1.088. We got the answer from the idea that you gave just to take away the water pitcher.

    (2) Question Number Two
    What we did on this one is that we counted up all of the distances that he already did.Then took it away from 1000 to find out how much he still had to do.That is how we found the answer.Also we kind of used the calculator to find the answer.

    (3)Question Number Three

    We counted up all the litres that were taken away which is 396.85.Then I started looking for a number that we could take away from that will get me to 160 litres. We found the answer and it is 1997.

    That is all that we could do.

    BY Alexandria and Serena


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