Monday, June 24, 2013

Decimal Game

Check out this decimal game. We played it a couple of different ways. In the first game we played so that the first person to add their scores to 1 were the winner. In the second, we played so that the last person to get to 1 was the winner. If you use three dice, you will be able to use thousandths too. Have some fun learning about decimals.


  1. Sarona, Sapphire and I learned heaps of things about decimals because we were playing a game so Sarona rolled the dice and she got 5 and she worked it out by going 0.5 so she said she had put the 5 into a tenth but like a decimal so that is how she got 0.5

    1. That's fantastic girls! Did you manage to use two dice for part of the game?


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