Monday, March 18, 2013

Books, Books, Books!

Team up with a buddy and share your thinking and strategies as you attempt to solve this problem.


  1. Starford and I think that the answer is 66. This is how we did it..

    1 book to ship it is 1.30
    5 books to ship it is 6.50

    So 72.50 - 6.50 is $66, we already knew we had to take away 6.50 from 72 because the total bill was 72.50 dollars.

  2. Huelo-ata, JayLee, Dillon And I think that the answer is $13.20 because

    First we took away $1.30 from each books (5 books) which is $6.50, and so we took $6.50 away from $72.50 and the total we got left was $66. Then we took $1 away from $66 to make $65 because we knew that 13 x 5 equals 65 then we separated the $1 to divide it into five groups which was 20 cents each. So that's how we came up with $13.20

  3. Jessica and Grace thinks that the answer is $6.50

    that if Mr Novella ordered 5 books from the children book club.
    Charges were $1.30 per book.
    Each book coast the same amount.
    The total bill was $72.50.
    How much was each book?

    This is how we got the answer 5x130=? We go 5x100=500 and 5x30=150


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