Monday, September 27, 2010


This term we have been studying Mighty Mariners.I am learning about a viking who is named Eric the Red.
Eric the Red is a viking explorer,who was born in 950c Southern Norway and died in 1003 in Iceland.(Greenland)He was banished from Norway for three years because he killed 3-4 people.He has a son named Leif Erikson who was born in Iceland.(Greenland)
One of his challengers he faced was when he had to go back to Norway and tell someone that he found a new land and brought them back with him.Another one was that he had to choose to die or leave Norway.The very last was he had to take charge of his son.
Leif was born in about 970c and died in 1020.He had two brothers,Thorvald and Thorsteinn and a half sister Freydis.When he grew up he married a woman named Thorgunna and they had one son,Thorkell Leifsson.
Thank you for reading my story,I hoped you learnt something.

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