Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Teacher Mr Barks!

Who likes Mr Barks? I do, especially at the beginning of the year. Straight after we went to class Mr Barks was funny and told jokes. He’s a really cool guy, person, when you get to know him.

Our teacher, Mr Barks, Is apart of a sailing club which has helped us quite a lot with our topic. He has told the main parts of a boat and lots of knots. Mr Barks is an awesome teacher same as every other teacher but Mr Barks is a bit funnier and different.

Mr Barks has a great family. In his family there's Mrs Barks his wife, Laurien, his daughter, and his son Cam. Mr Barks children sound like they really enjoy having of fun and playing music.

My teacher Mr Barks has helped me a lot, and when I can’t do something he will say keep going, you can do it and don’t give up! He is a very kind person, and that’s why I like Mr Barks.

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  1. What a great piece of writing. I agree you have a fantastic teacher and he knows alot about sailing. I bet Mr Barks really enjoyed reading this piece of writing and I know he feels the same way about his wonderful students.


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