Monday, May 27, 2013

Barnyard Math

Remember...your strategy and thinking is more important than the answer!


  1. Two Chickens plus four chickens is six chickens.

  2. Cheyanne, Taeshell and I think there are 4 pigs there because we did 4 pigs and their legs will make 16 and add 2 chickens and their legs is 4 so we added it all together which was 20.

  3. Huelo-ata, JayLee and I think that the answer is...4 pigs and 2 chickens because ....
    4 pigs equal 16 legs , because a pig has 4 legs and 4 multiply 4 is 16..
    plus 2 chickens is 20.

  4. Jessica and AlexandriaJune 14, 2013 at 2:39 PM

    Jessica and Alexandria

    First start thinking about we how many pigs there and we got the answer four. s Then we started thinking about how much chickens there are 1/3 so that means there is 4 Chickens.That is our answer 4 chickens and 4 pigs.

  5. Grace and Serena

    Our answer is 2 pigs because....

    First we found out what was one third and it is 6, then we multiplied 6x2=12 legs of the chickens. After that we did 2x4=8 pig legs so that's our answer 2 pigs.


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