Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Camp Bentzon Highlights!

Kawau Island was a very exciting destination because I have never been there before. Have you ever had the opportunity to visit Kawau Island? If not, you really do need to plan a trip there as it is a beautiful place with lots of adventure.
When we finally arrived I was excited and tried to help everyone with everything. We did eventually transfer all of our luggage and food for the week from the ferry to the lodge.

Of all the activities that I got to participate in, sailing was my favourite. After a short time practising on a sailboat, we sailed to a seawall and then on to an old boat on the shore. I was going at least 5KM and it was so much fun! As I was sailing at great speed, I was yelling “yeah buddy”! I truly had fun learning to sail.

Abseiling was also a highlight from camp even though it was a significant challenge for me. Why was this such a challenge? (you might be asking yourself). Well, let's just say that when I hear the word "heights"... I begin to sweat profusely! Yes, that's right, I am afraid of heights. As afraid as I was, once I got to the top, I was determined to get to the bottom. As I began to abseil down, I felt like I was power walking on the wall. Determined to get to the bottom, I eventually made it.

Every afternoon except for Thursday, we were allowed to go for a swim and jump off the pontoon. When we jumped off the pontoon I always made a funny face. Once when we were on this platform, everyone was on one corner of it and almost made the water cover the pontoon. Jumping off was both fun and exciting.

I felt good at the end of the week, but sad at the same time because I didn’t want to leave camp Bentzon. I enjoyed my time and can’t wait for next time. Kawau Island was a great experience for me. I had an awesome time and I know that you would too!

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  1. Hello Room 18
    What a great story you have and a video you have too. You guys did a great job.
    Keep up the good work!!!!


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