Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vodafone Warriors

Warriors are ranked 5!!! On the NRL(National Rugby League) ladder and they have a very strong defence line this year and that helps them to keep the other team from getting above their score.The warriors have won to very strong side and has earned their position.they even beat number2 on the NRL ladder, the mighty Panthers which in the start of the year macicated the warriors in round 2,3, or round 4.The Panthers have been really impressive this year, in fact they are very talented.

Warriors are my Number 1 team, plus the Titans.when I grow up my goal is to get into NRL and be are very famous player.I have a club that I play for called Mt Wellington Warriors and we are also a very good team.

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  1. Hey Lepa

    Yeah the Warriors do have a really good defence line this year and but I still like the Tigers more because of Benji Marshall.



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