Friday, June 4, 2010


Queensland is my favourite state of origin team,state of origin is like rugby league but it is between two different Australian teams called Queensland and New South Wales.These two enemies are created by the NRL Australian squads, selected by the coach and manager?

I go for Queensland because they are the best team and got the best NRL players as well as
New South Wales, they have one of My favourite people in NRL, Jared Hayne
On wednesday the 27th 2010 they played head to head together and it was a good challenge but Queensland came out on top with a 28-24 score to queensland as Darius Boyed scored the first try well as and Sam Thaiday scored the last closing try.

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  1. Hey Lepa

    That was a good game of footy to watch. Especially by watching Slater and Hayne connect up again. My player was big Ingles. He was pretty good. well the good thing is that queensland won

    Well keep up the good work


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