Thursday, April 22, 2010

Monkey Math

Hello, my name is Charlie and I am trying to learn the five times table. I am making a video clip that will help people to learn their five times tables. Hopefully people will learn their five times table after they have watched my movie. My movie will have music, heaps of fives, and graphics of a monkey showing all of his fives. Please check back when the movie is finished because I think it will be a good way to learn your five times tables.


  1. Hi Charlie,

    It is good to see you are trying to learn your five times table. I am looking forward to watching your movie about it.
    When you think you have got it sussed you can get me to test you on it.
    Love Mrs Bush

  2. Hi Charlie

    I really like your story about how you are trying to learn your five time tables. I hope by the time you finish the term you will know your five time tables.

  3. Hi Charlie
    I like your story about monkey math, It must be fun doing that. You must like monkey math all the time. Keep up the good work Charlie.


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